Explore the best Magento 2 SMS Extension for your online store and send SMS alerts to your customers so that they won’t miss any important updates regarding your products and services.

Effective communication is crucial for every business to be more productive, to have an edge over competitors, and to win customers’ trust. And, for an e-commerce business, it becomes somewhat difficult to gain such trust on part of customers. The reason is obvious. A customer doesn’t know much about you except what he has gone through your website. In such a case, they’re not sure whether investing in your products would be a great decision or not. You can satisfy this need by sending them quick and regular updates about the products they’re interested to buy from your store and for other notifications that you want to promote to them.

And, SMS offers the best way to establish communication quickly with your customers in a cost-effective manner. Although there are a lot of ways you can use to communicate with your customers, SMS has yet its great importance in the communication channel and has a high open-rate.

In this article, I’m listing out the best extensions that you can use in your Magento powered e-commerce store to send real-time SMS alerts to your customers with important updates or announcements regarding your products and services.

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Best Magento 2 SMS Extension For Your Online Store

Best Magento 2 SMS Extension

So, here is a collection of our top picks on extensions that help you send quick SMS alerts to your customers. Check them out now!

Magento 2 SMS Extension Key Features Pricing Visit Site
1. TextLocal SMS Extension
  • Send SMS Notifications Through API
  • Set Message Alert for admin and customers
  • Set OTP Time Limit
  • Generate or Re-generate OTP Message
  • Deliver Customized Message
  • Dynamic Messages Setup using parameters
  • Specify whether the mobile field is required or not
  • Authorize Verification Through OTP
  • Specify OTP Type & Length
$79.00  Download Extension
2. SpringEdge Sms Extension
  • Send SMS Notifications Through API
  • Add Countries & Dialing Codes To Receive SMS
  • Useful Dynamic Messages Text
  • OTP for Customer Registration
  • Send Custom Messages
  • Admin & Customer Message Alert
  • Send Message According to Order Status Message
$79.00  Download Extension
3. SpringEdge Sms Notification With Mobile Login
  • Facilitate Account Log in Through Mobile Number
  • Send SMS Notifications using API
  • Add Countries to Receive SMS
  • Useful Parameters to send Dynamic Messages
  • Send OTP for Registration
  • Send Custom Messages for Different Order Status
  • Send Message Alert to both Customers & Admin
$79.00  Download Extension
4. SMS Notification Extension
  • Send SMS Notification for customers and admin for different order status & activities
  • Both customers & admin can activate or deactivate SMS Notification
  • Store Forgot Password Notification for customers
  • Send custom message
  • Use object & variable fields to prepare text messages for specific events.
  • Use parameters to send custom message
$79.00  Download Extension
5. SMS Alert Extension
  • Send SMS to customers on different status updates.
  • Use your brand or domain as the Sender ID
  • Full Delivery Reporting per text sent
  • No integration costs & monthly subscriptions
  • Pay per message and credits never expire
  • Full reports and web portal available for bulk SMS campaigns
$0.00 Download Extension
6. ClickSend SMS
  • Send SMS using the ClickSend.com platform
  • Send SMS to your customers when an order is shipped.
  • Get SMS alert when a new order is placed.
  • Use placeholders in the SMS.
  • Set the from name/number of the message.
$0.00  Download Extension
7. SMSBOX SMS Notification
  • Send automatic SMS notifications
  • You can use your own sender ID
  • Customize SMS text
  • A tooltip that shows a demo message with the custom fields
  • Test SMS gateway configuration
  • Sending log for the sending status of all messages
$0.00 Download Extension

Ready To Increase Your Reach To Your Customers?

Choose the best one as per your business requirements and increase your brand reach to your customers. Using SMS extensions, you can better serve your customers with a great shopping experience. And, a happy customer is always a bonus point for every business.

And, don’t forget to check out our collection of top FAQ extensions for Magento 2.

Is there any listing for the Magento SMS notification extension that we have missed here? Do let us know your valuable suggestions and opinions. Your thoughts are always welcome. Stay tuned and we’ll get back with some more useful information that helps you grow your business online.


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