Best Vat Validator Extensions For Magento 2

VAT Validator Extensions

The main problem of many e-commerce stores is to reduce the cart abandonment rate. And, to achieve this goal, you need to make sure your customers will have an amazing and user-friendly experience at the time of registration in your e-commerce store and during checkout from your store. And, one such way to acheive this is by using VAT Validator extensions. Let’s understand how!

Before finding out how VAT Validator extension helps and what are the best available VAT Validator extensions for Magento 2 e-commerce store, let’s understand a little bit about VAT. And, if you already have thorough knowledge about it, you can simply skip to our curated list of the best VAT validator extensions mentioned below. Let’s roll on!

What is VAT?

VAT stands for the ‘value-added tax’ which is basically a consumption tax that is levied on the product’s sales price. The tax is to be paid from the production to the point of sale whenever some value is added to the product at each stage of the supply chain.

How VAT Validator Extension Helps

Such extensions allow customers to calculate the total price of the product before making the final purchase. This way, they’ll know beforehand how much they need to pay to get the product from your e-commerce store.

Talking from the point of view of businesses, it is crucial for all those who are actively involved in the manufacturing or production of goods and services. Such extensions allow them to restrict customers to make purchases whose VAT number is invalid.

VAT Validator Extensions Compatible With Magento 2

So, the following are our top picks that help you integrate VAT validation functionality within your e-commerce store.

1. VAT Validator Extension

VAT Validator extension

VAT Validator extension is amazing extension for Magento 2 store that allows your customers to fill out VAT details at the time of registration, on checkout, shipping as well as on the billing pages. Helping your customers to validate the VAT number beforehand improves their checkout experience. It makes it easy for customers to find out the total price of the product including VAT details before making the final purchase.

Noteworthy Features

  • Enable VAT Validator Field with just one click
  • Display VAT Validator field on the registration page​
  • Display VAT Validator field on the checkout page
  • Display VAT Validator field on the shipping page​
  • Display VAT Validator field on the billing page
  • Real-time VAT validation with the VAT Information Exchange System
  • Set the field as required or optional
  • Show VAT Number on Storefront
  • Default Value for Disable Automatic Group Changes Based on VAT ID

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2. Magento2 Vat Validation

VAT Validator extension

This Vat Validation Module offers the real-time vat validation functionality on your Magento store. It uses VAT Information Exchange System for the real-time validation process. And, whenever the customers fill out an invalid VAT number, this module restricts them to hit the submit button. An additional button is also offered by this module named Validate Vat associated with the TAX/VAT number field.

Noteworthy Features

  • VAT validation on customer account creation page
  • VAT validation while filling billing and shipping details
  • VAT validation while editing account information
  • Vat validation on the Add New Address page

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3. M2 Vat Number Validation

Best Magento Extensions

With this extension, you can easily verify the TAX VAT number during the checkout. This extension works well for all those store owners who make business transactions with the European Union. Users can easily check whether the VAT number is valid or not.

Noteworthy Features

  • Get VAT status during checkout.
  • Check whether TAX VAT number has been activated for intra-EU transactions
  • Validate VAT using VIES service with monthly updated database
  • Check the validity of VAT registration number for any business registered in the EU
  • Make your store compliant with VAT regulations

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4. VAT Validation With Country Codes

best Magento extensions

If you’re looking for an extension that can help your customers to validate VAT along with VAT country code, this extension can help you. This extension allows entering a valid VAT ID including a country code for the VAT validation process. And, if there is no country code for the respective VAT ID, then the default method is used for the validation process.

Noteworthy Features

  • VAT validation with country codes
  • Valid validation for Greece (ISO: GR, VAT: EL) and Great Britain (ISO: GB, VAT: UK)
  • Automatic customer group assignment for the mentioned countries
  • Supports VIES validation service

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5. VatAPI Vat Validator

Vat validator

This extension is also useful for you as it allows users to validate their VAT number during checkout. Users can get VAT exemption on their purchase if their VAT number is valid. Currently, this extension works for only United Kingdom as shipping country. In order to use this extension, admin has to create a VAT API account on

Noteworthy Features

  • Works for only UK based consumers
  • Consumers can get tax exemptions if their VAT number is valid.
  • Set API credentials using VatPlugin menu
  • Allows users to validate VAT Number on the checkout page

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6. Vat Validation Module

best Magento extensions

This is another module that you can take into account for your Magento e-commerce store. It allows admin to validate the VAT number of their customer. The VAT validation process can be done on the registration page, checkout page, and while editing the account information.

Noteworthy Features

  • Real-time VAT validation
  • Validate VAT button on the front-end view
  • Enable VAT/tax no. from customer configuration

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7. EU Vat Enhanced For Magento 2

VAT Validator

EU VAT Enhanced for Magento 2 is another useful extension that you would like to explore. It can enhance the functionality of your Magento store for all B2B transactions that happen within the European Union. You can easily take control over how and for whom VAT is charged.

Noteworthy Features

  • Installer for standard VAT configuration in EU countries
  • Instant feedback for the customer about the VAT number validation result
  • Determine the customer tax class and customer group with a customized algorithm
  • Compatible with virtually all other third-party extensions

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So, Which One Is Your Favourite?

Hope you got the best one for your website. Choose the best one and integrate VAT validation functionality within your e-commerce store. And, if there is some extension that we’ve missed here in this listing, do let us know by commenting below.

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