Twilio SMS Notification With Mobile Login

Twilio Sms Notification With Mobile Login

Integrate SMS Notification Functionality To Your Magento E-commerce Store.
Let your registered customers receive SMS updates regarding the purchased products. Facilitate them to access their account on your Magento e-commerce store just by using their mobile number.

Current version: V1.0.0

Tested Up To: Luma Theme

Price: $79.00/-



Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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Twilio SMS Notification With Mobile Login

Finding solutions to send a message to your customers to update them regarding the product they purchased from your Magento store?

Twilio SMS Notification With Mobile Login is an amazing Extension for Magento online stores. It eliminates complex login process and enables your customers to log in to your online store just by using their mobile numbers. Moreover, you can send text messages to your customers regarding the products they bought from your store. It helps you offer a better experience to your customers.

Facilitate Log in Through Mobile

Allows admin to enable login option for customers using a mobile number. In case, your registered customer forgets the password, he can regain access using the “Forgot Password” option.

Send SMS Notifications

Allows admin to send SMS messages to the registered customers about products they purchased from your Magento e-commerce store.

Add Countries To Receive SMS

This Magento Extension allows you to set country names along with dialing codes where you want to offer an SMS notification facility for your customers.

Dynamic Messages

Send dynamic messages to your customers using many parameters. It helps you send customized messages quickly. Dynamic parameters include email, name, firstname, lastname, middlename, postal, order_id, order_status, otp

Send OTP For Registration

One time Password is useful to prevent online frauds. Add such functionality on your Magento store to validate registered mobile number of your customers. You can send OTP either in Numeric, Alphabet or Alpha-Numeric format.

Send Custom Messages

Send SMS messages quickly while generating or re-generating OTP, sending a welcome message to customers, on placing new orders, and about the order status. The message will sent to both customers as well as admin.

Admin Message Alert

Allows admin to get an SMS alert for new customer registration, on placing new orders, and for each order status

Customer Message Alert

Enable SMS alert for customer registration message, new order place message, order status message

Order Status Message

Send SMS for each order pending status, order processing status, order completed status & order closed status


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