Vat Validator

VAT Validator

Resolve the conflict of the different VAT calculations on your Magento e-commerce store.

Current version: V1.0.0

Tested Up To: Luma Theme

Price: $39.00/-



Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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VAT Validator

Validate VAT on the checkout page to enhance the checkout experience. Allow your customers to add VAT number while registration, on checkout, shipping and billing pages.

It will restrict the user if the VAT number is invalid. The easiest way for customers, to calculate the total price of the product including VAT before hitting the final purchase button. 

Admin has an option to mark the field as required OR optional. The VAT validator field will only appear if it is set so via back-end by admin.

Enable VAT Validator Field

The extension allows you to enable or disable the field as per your choice.

VAT Validator field on registration page​

Validate the VAT number at the time of registration only and restrict the users accordingly. One can not register without a valid VAT number.

Real- time VAT validation with VIES

Real-time VAT validation with VIES (VAT Information Exchange System).

VAT Validator field on checkout page

Enhance the checkout experience via validating the VAT number on the checkout page. Make VAT calculation easy and keep your customers satisfied.

Set the field as required or optional

This is the default Magento option. It will allow you to set the field as per your requirement. You can choose from the option whether it will be required or an optional field.

VAT Validator field on shipping page​

The extension will also add the VAT validator field on the billing page.

Show VAT Number on Storefront

This is the default Magento option. Allows you to choose from whether to show the VAT number on a storefront or not.

VAT Validator field on billing page

The extension will also add the VAT validator field on the billing page.

Default Value for Disable Automatic Group Changes Based on VAT ID

This is default Magento option.


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