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Want to reduce the bounce rate from your store? Want to increase the conversion rate of your business? You need to make sure your it’s not difficult for your customers to find the products in your e-commerce store. But, how will you do that? And, the answer is integrating an advanced search functionality in your store. Magento 2 search extension can help you with that.

Who doesn’t want to offer an amazing product-browsing and shopping experience to their customers? After all, that’s what the customer always wants. They just want to find the right products quickly in your store and make a purchase. So, let’s make it easy for them to find the right products quickly using Magento 2 Search Extension.

In this blog, I’ll review and list the best search suggestion extensions that help your customers find quickly what they’re actually looking for. Let’s roll on.

How Search Suggestion Extension Helps

Search suggestion extensions help customers do a quick search to find the product they want to buy instead of browsing all unnecessary products. They can simply enter the search term in the search bar and can see the relevant results that they might be interested in. It helps a lot to retain customers in the e-commerce store as they don’t need to waste their time browsing all such products that don’t want to buy.

Best Magento 2 Search Extension For Your Online Store

So, here are the top-listings that you can explore and take a look at to integrate advanced search functionality in your Magento e-commerce store. Please note that these extensions best work with Magento 2 stores.

Magento 2 Search Extension Key Features Pricing Visit Site
1. Ajax Search Suggestion
  • Well-designed Search Bar
  • Set Maximum Search Result To Be Shown
  • Display Useful Info In Search Result
  • Allow Customers To Search Based On Product Category
  • Specify Depth For Category Listing
$79.00  Download Extension
2. Advanced Search
  • Category based search result
  • Include product attributes in search algorithm
  • Show Add to cart button
  • Display product reviews
  • Select colors for popup elements
  • Set autocomplete parameters
  • Enable keyword and category suggestions
$79.00  Download Extension
3. Auto-Complete Search
  • Show search results instantly based on typed characters
  • Display search box and category filter in the header
  • Display results with price, rating and add to cart button
  • Set limit for the products, blogs, etc. shown in the search dropdown
$59.00  Download Extension
4. Ajax Quick Search
  • Search Smarter & Faster
  • Show Popular, Suggested, Recent Search Terms
  • Match To The Search Keyword
  • Customize Search Result Popup Design
  • Highlight Keywords In Search Result Popup
  • Set Exact Match Search For Multiple Words
  • And, many more.
$69.00  Download Extension
5. WordPress Integrated Search
  • Integrates WordPress search results with Magento product results.
  • Create a separate folder for WordPress or within Magento subfolder.
  • Allows to share the same DB for WordPress & Magento
  • Display Magento Products & WordPress Pages/Posts in the search suggestion
  • Displays Images and Descriptions/Content of Products/Posts in autosuggestion.
  • Disable auto-suggestion if not required.
$249.00 Download Extension
6. Product Search By Category
  • Effectively narrow down the search.
  • Search products by category name.
  • Display the selected category in the dropdown.
  • 100% open-source.
  • Free limited support.
$45.00  Download Extension
7. Enhance Catalog Search



8. Magento 2 Search Extension



  • Enhanced Catalog Search
  • Add search terms to the category name.
  • Super Easy Installation
  • Completely FREE


  • Instant Search
  • Ajax Search supports up to 10,000 SKUs
  • Flexible Search configuration options
  • Maximum search results shown
  • Synonym search
  • Voice search









Download Extension





Download Extension




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What’s Your Choice?

Integrating search functionality within your online store and allowing customers to search for the right products quickly always helps in increasing business sales. So, what’s your choice?

I’m summing up this list here. If there is something that I’m missing out, you can recommend your suggestions by commenting below.

Stay tuned!

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