Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Your customers can have a lot of queries or doubts in their mind regarding your products or services. When a site visitor gets the answer to all their queries beforehand, it helps them a lot in making a final purchase decision. And, being a business owner, you would also like to make sure your whoever is visiting your site don’t leave your store just because he didn’t find any relevant answer to his queries quickly. Creating an FAQ page on your e-commerce store is a solution to this. It can help you retaining them and converting them into your customers.

In this article, I’m going to discuss all the Magento 2 FAQ extensions that allow Magento store owners to create a separate FAQ page within their online store and answer all the common questions in one place. It saves a lot of time for customers as they don’t need to contact you for general queries and waiting for your response.

What Can You Do With Magento 2 FAQ Extension?

Magento 2 FAQ Extension

Using FAQ extensions, you can create a separate page for all the common questions that can be asked by your customers before purchasing the products from your online store. Most of the below-mentioned extensions also allow you to assign products to the FAQ which helps you indicate the product-specific questions to your customers. Even you can also organize all the frequently asked questions into relevant categories to better help your customers find the answer to their queries.

Creating a FAQ page can help you in many ways such as:

  • It allows getting answers to all common questions on one page.
  • It increases customers trust and satisfaction as they can clear their doubts quickly.
  • It increases customer retention and boosts a strong relationship with them.
  • Getting all the required details about your products prompts them to make purchase decisions.

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Top Magento 2 FAQ Extensions For Your Online Store

So, here are our top picks of free and premium extensions that help you create and organize a collection of frequently asked questions in your online store. Let’s roll on!

Magento 2 FAQ Extension Key Features Pricing Visit Site
1. FAQ Extension by Wbcom Designs
  • Create & Manage FAQ Articles
  • Set Featured FAQ
  • Specify FAQ Position
  • Create & Manage FAQ Categories
  • Social Sharing Option
  • Let customers Like or Dislike FAQ
  • Add FAQ Link on Header
  • Optimize FAQs
  • Display FAQ On Sidebar & Main Page
  • Allow Visitors To Ask Queries
  • Set Word Limit For FAQ
  • Deliver email notifications
  • Assign Product-Related FAQs
$79.00  Download Extension
2. FAQ by Scommerce Mage Ltd
  • Create FAQ Sitewide & for Product Pages
  • Create FAQ Categories
  • Categorize FAQ on Product & Main FAQ Page
  • Supports Multi-sites
  • Allows customers to submit their queries
  • Admin email notification
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Add Meta Information for each FAQ
$105.00  Download Extension
3. FAQ by VimirLab Solutions
  • Create & manage FAQ from backend
  • Categorize FAQ
  • Allow users to ask questions
  • Users can see their question in account page
  • Display FAQ on product page
  • Ask questions on product page
$79.00  Download Extension
4. FAQ by Sparsh Technologies
  • Create a separate FAQ page
  • Display FAQcategories in sidebar
  • Show/Hide Category Sidebar
  • Custom Title for FAQ Block
  • Add FAQ with store view visibility
  • Group and filter FAQ by categories
  • WYSIWYG editor to Format/Highlight answers
$0.00  Download Extension
5. FAQ by Slava Yurthev
  • Separate FAQ page
  • Create FAQ categories in Sidebar
  • Create Groups with tabs interface
  • Items by Group with accordion interface
$0.00 Download Extension
6. Product FAQ
  • Allow users to ask questions on product page
  • Admin can answer questions from admin page
  • Send email notifications to users
  • Keep the question public or private to the user
  • Display answers on product detail page
$0.00  Download Extension
7. Customer FAQ
  • Create FAQ based on category
  • Edit & manage the FAQs and FAQ categories
  • Add images to each FAQ
  • Add any numbers of faq
  • Editor for adding faq
  • Mass delete action to delete multiple FAQ & groups
$0.00 Download Extension

Which One Is Your Favourite?

Hope you find the right FAQ extension for your Magento store. Start creating FAQ and resolve all your customer doubts beforehand.

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Stay tuned with us and we’ll get back to you with more important topics that help you extend your online store. Any listing that we’ve missed out here? Do give your suggestions in the comment section below or directly contact our team.


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