Product Question Answer

Product Question Answer

Allow your site visitors to ask questions and post answers about the product they are interested in on your Magento e-commerce store.

Current version: V1.0.0

Tested Up To: Luma Theme

Price: $49.00/-



Magento 2.1.x, 2.2.x, 2.3.x

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Magento 2 Product Question Answer​ Extension

When the site visitors browse the products in your store, there are lots of queries that might generate in their mind before making a final purchase decision. For example, if they’re interested in buying cloth from your store, they might want to know what kind of fabric is used, how long it will last or is it washable or not, and so on… Providing and managing all such details on the product page is somewhat difficult. 


With Product Question Answer extension, you can place a “Ask Your Question” button on the product page using which a customer can ask their queries about the product they’re interested to buy. The answers can be posted by both the store admin as well as the other users. They can also like and dislike other’s answers as well. From the customer panel, the customers can also check the listing of all the questions asked by them and the number of answers they get for their questions.

Feature Highlights

Allow users to ask questions

It allows users to ask their queries on the product page regarding the product they want to buy.

Allow users to post answers

This extension allows both the users and admin to post answers to the questions on the product page.

Question & Answer listing

Specify how many questions and answers that you want to display to your customers on the Product Page.

Like and Dislike Answers

All users and admin have an option to like and dislike the answers that are posted on the product page.

Manage Question & Answer Listings

Admin can quickly view, edit and manage all the product questions and answers listing from the backend.

Assign Questions To Products

If a question that has been asked on the product page is related to many products, admin can assign it to multiple products.

Auto-Settings for Questions & Answers

Admin can specify the auto-settings for the new questions & answers– Approved, Pending or Not Approved.

Send Email Notifications

Send email notifications to admin & customers for each new question & answer posted on the product page

Editing of Answers by Admin

From the backend, admin has an option to edit self-written answers for the questions asked on the product page.

Manage Activity Log

This extension allows admin to easily view and manage all activity logs of questions & answers from the backend.

Customer Panel Options

From customer panel, customers can check the questions listing & the total number of answers they get.


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