Magento Malware Removal

Magento Malware Removal Services

Is your Magento e-commerce store get hacked? If yes, all the important information about your online store as well as your customers is at risk! Protect your Magento e-commerce store from all possible types of attacks. Get help from our Magento developers that help you make your malicious site clean and secure again.

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Magento Malware Removal Services

Hackers don’t leave any opportunity to harm the websites and always try to find out multiple ways to fulfill their wrong intentions

Magento is one of the widely used platforms to create e-commerce websites that itself is very secure and utilizes PCI compliant payment gateways. Store owners usually ignore to upgrade their site and maintain the site backup because of limited time as they are indulged in earning and increasing their profit margins. That’s where they open the door for hackers!

Hackers always try to innovate new ways to harm your site. Due to the increasing number of cybercrimes, it becomes challenging to keep websites secure.

That’s where we help!

Common Types Of Magento Malware That Can Harm Your Online Store

Defacing Malware Attack

Defacement is a type of attack that changes the content of one or more web pages. The hackers control over a site by defacing it. Usually, it doesn’t affect the core database, but it includes a defaced homepage and deleted files.


It includes activities wherein hackers secretly create a folder somewhere on your site server. They send a spam email that requires you to log in to your Facebook, PayPal or Banking Website. And, as and when you follow such instructions, they steal your username and passwords.

Stealing Confidential Information

In this type of malware attacks, hackers try to steal all confidential information about your business as well as your customers in order to get access to your accounts. Such information includes the details of your credit card, debit card, etc.


A malicious software or code tries to encrypt website files that, in turn, block the site owner to access their own website until they pay a sum of money. It may spread through many ways like opening phishing emails or by visiting an infected website.

Build A Security Wall Around Your Magento Store

Prevent Your E-commerce Store From Online All Threats. Let Us Serve You With Our Advanced Malware Removal Services. We Make Sure Your Store Will Get Secured & Bug-Free Again!

How We Help Magento E-commerce Store Owners

Our qualified Magento developers have huge experience in this field and help clients to run their e-commerce venture safely and securely. We remove all types of vulnerabilities from your Magento store such as malware, phishing, blacklists, defacements, & other possible online threats.

We prevent you from:

And, many others…

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Our expert Magento developers have extensive experience working with removing malware and other vulnerabilities. We can help you restore your website quickly and can address all the areas where your site is vulnerable to future attack.

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