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How To Use

Module Activation

Once you install the package successfully, you need to activate the modules.

Login to the admin panel and navigate to WBCOM menu. Click on it and search for the sub-menu of Ajax Search.

Under Ajax Search, you will find Configurations. Click on it.

Log In Admin panel -> Wbcom Menu -> Ajax Search -> Configurations







In image 1.2, you can see the option “Enable Module

  • To enable the module, select the option “Yes”
  • To disable module, select “No” option

And, save configurations.

Module Configurations (Reference Image 1.2)

Maximum Search Result:  Admin can set the number of product suggestions listing to be shown in search results

Display Info in Search Result: Admin can decide what information he wants to display in suggestion listing.

Category On Search: Admin can enable/disable category options for the product search.

Depth for Category Listing: Admin can set the depth of category level to be displayed in search suggestions.

Frontend View:

(a) Search Form and Suggestion Listing:

Image 1.3

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