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How To Use

    • Module Activation
      Once you install the package successfully, now its time to activate the modules.
      Login to the admin panel and search the icon Wbcom, once you find click on it and search for the sub-menu of Review Reminder.
      Under Review Reminder, you can get Configurations, click on it.Log In Admin panel -> Wbcom Menu -> Review Reminder ->  ConfigurationsImage1.1
      Image1.2Image 1.3

      Image 1.4

      Image 1.5

      In image 1.2 you can see the options “Enable Module”. To enable module select option “Yes” and to disable the module select the “No” option and save configurations.

      Module Configurations (Reference Image 1.2)

      Sender Name: Admin has to specify the sender’s name through which email is delivered to the customer.Sender Email: Admin has to select sender emails through which emails are delivered.
      Order Status: Admin has to select order status on which review reminder email has to be delivered.

      (Reference Image 1.2)
      Customer Account Status: Admin can also specify account status for review reminder with respect to orders.
      First Reminder: Admin can specify the first reminder in days.
      Second Reminder: Admin can specify the second reminder in days.
      Third Reminder: Admin can specify the second reminder in days.
      Send Thank You E-mail: Admin can specify the customer has to send a thank you email or not.

      (Reference Image 1.3)
      Enable Coupon: Admin can enable the coupon.
      Coupon Code Delivery: Admin has to specify status of coupon code delivery.
      Coupon Code Length: Admin has to specify coupon code length.
      Coupon Code Type: Admin has to specify coupon code type.

Frontend View

Once the module is enabled and review reminder necessary configurations setup are completed, the following types of mails deliver, before review and after review of customers.

Review Reminder email with the product link and coupon code.

Image 1.7
Review Reminder email with only the product link.

Image 1.8
Review Reminder email after successful review.

Image 1.9
Review Reminder email with coupon code (in-case once coupon code is not shared along with product review link).

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